Batman Legend: my movie scripts based on Stan Lee's Batman.
A late extra 90th birthday present to Stan Lee!

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This Wayne Williams Batman comic is ****ing amazing, you have to read it.



- Bruce Wayne in jail

- origin story approach to Batman Begins

- charcoal black demonic gargoyle look for Marbas is kind of like the Hallucination Batman Vision seen in Batman Begins, when Batman says "Ra's Al Ghul is dead!"

- everything is realistic, lifelike

- fantastic Batman ideas are now converted into something more possible.  What Batman Begins did to Scarecrow is basically like what I had done to Poison Ivy - to try to make it seem biologically possible.  Poison Ivy has powers.  Phera just developed a biological agent based on recipes of lipsticks that were earlier proven fatal.

- Escalation effect.  In my 2nd script, Chief O'Harris - like the 60's character Chief O'Hara - argues about an effect similar to the escalation effect mentioned at the end of Batman Begins.  During Batman's time away in Script 2, the police chief argues that the police did just fine without him.  They don't need his help.  After enough years of metal detectors, intended to stop criminals, they just sneak in plastic explosives.  (Based on a true story.)  After enough years of searching your bags and pockets, next they sneak explosives in to their shoes.  (Based on a true story.)  If you search everyone's shoes, next they'll be hiding things in their hair.  And now Batman has come along.  He has paved the way for everyone to jump on board with costumes and masks.

- Radar.  Kind of a funny one.  I added this one power which Stan Lee's Batman had neglected to mention.  It was a little different than the Dark Knight's radar, though.

- My Batman Legend 4 script had Class Clown, wearing red, white, and blue makeup and a red ball nose.  That outfit looks similar to the Joker's opening scene outfit in the Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight is the movie of all time.  In 2004, nobody cared to hear that I was writing "this amazing remake of Batman", with Batman Legend.  Oh well.