Batman Legend: my movie scripts based on Stan Lee's Batman.
A late extra 90th birthday present to Stan Lee!

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Batman Legend: Wings of the Night.

For now, this is a summary, reconstructed from memory.

Over time, I will rewrite the script I first wrote in 2003.

Wayne Williams is 17 years old.  His police officer father has been shot and killed.  That was a year ago.  Now, he lives alone with his mother, Martha Williams.  Both are struggling terribly without his father.  Wayne stopped going to school in order to work to make ends meet around the house.  Having fallen so far behind in school, he is afraid that there will never be any future for him.

Wayne works at a convenience store, still getting low hours and low pay after one year of work.  One day, notorious gangster Handz Horgum is shopping in the store.  An enemy car drives by and shoots the place up with guns.  Handz runs away, leaving his girlfriend, Shellie, whom Wayne grabs by the wrist to pull away to safety.  He has saved her life.  But her boyfriend, Handz, is furious.  Wayne is punished with Handz' demonstration of his strength: Handz squeezes Wayne's hands, nearly crippling him, but stops when Shellie demands him to.

Handz later robs that convenience store.  His men act as if Wayne was responsible for the robbery.  They leave the gun in his hand and let him take the fall for armed robbery.  Wayne is arrested, and sent to prison.  He speaks with his attorney, Phillip Matthews.  Wayne can't afford an attorney.  Matthews is a public defender.  He is also terrible at his job.  He tries to make a case of Wayne's innocence, but all the witnesses from the store believe Wayne was guilty.  He is found guilty, and sent to prison.

Wayne's mother deteriorates while Wayne is in prison.  Korgo is the big, strong man of the prison.  He beats Wayne in a fight.  Here in prison, Wayne truly has it bad.  His cellmate, Frederick Grant, convinces him to put his time in prison to good use.  Study.  Read the Bible.  Learn to play chess.  Do push-ups.  Sit-ups.  Wayne builds himself up, every day, for many months.  Over the course of one year, he has built himself up tremendously.  Finally, he overcomes the local prison bully, Korgo, breaking the man's winning streak.

Later, a riot breaks out in the prison when the cell doors are all opened by an escaping convict.  Everyone runs through the prison, and, in a rush of excitement, the people decide to kill the warden.  Wayne, reminded of what happened to his father, intervenes, taking on everyone around him, fighting them all to save the warden.  Tear gas is employed, taking down the entire crowd of rioters.  But the warden makes a request that one man be treated less hostile.  Wayne.  He was actually fighting everyone to save the warden.  He will be granted a pardon.

Wayne is on TV for his phenomenal news story.  On TV, Wayne announces that he is coming after Handz Horgum, and he will not stop until the gangster is down.  Handz laughs, but really he has developed a personal obsession and hatred of Wayne Williams, the same kid he had framed for robbery years earlier.

Korgo escapes prison.  But his winning streak is broken.  He is no longer the big man on campus.  He is no longer anything.  He must find and kill Wayne Williams.  Korgo begins to work for Handz.

Wayne is out of prison.  He can't land any jobs.  He gets involved in street fighting for money.  People pay money to watch two people fight, but run when the police show up.  Wayne is good at fighting.  He quickly raises a lot of money.  But this can't last forever.  He must move on to take down Handz.

Wayne was assigned to a sewing machine in the prison workshop.  So he buys black cloth from a fabric store.  Talking to his new friend, a small bat named Batty, Wayne sews a human-sized bat costume.  At first, it is just a black costume with many imperfections.  He remakes the costume again and again to look authentically like his pet bat.  He is the Bat-Man.  As the Bat-Man, he continues to do the street-fighting, raising money, paying for a room in a motel.  Once he raises enough money, he can go on to the next phase of his plan.

Frederick Grant, the cellmate, is the man Wayne Williams goes to visit.  They devise a plan to spend Wayne's money wisely.  The costume becomes realistic looking, like a human-sized bat, with only the area around the mouth revealed.  They load the costume with technology to simulate a bat's powers: night vision lenses, tech-amplified sense of hearing, ability to hang up-side down with foot gear, hang-gliders incorporated into the wings, and radar to sense nearby objects and in the dark.  Finally, Kevlar makes the costume bulletproof, except with a direct shot.

Frederick Grant comes to live in Wayne Williams' mansion.  A secret floor houses all the Batman equipment.  Nobody must know that the two are the same.

Steamroller, a wrestler whose winning streak was broken by Batman, joins Handz Horgum.  He wants revenge on the Bat-Man.

Still wanting to track down Handz, Batman intimidates his thugs by appearing like a bat, striking in the dark, kidnapping criminals and terrorizing them for a short time.  Batman saves some guy whose wallet was stolen, a man who turns out to be a police detective.  The police detective later collects all the photos he can of Batman from all available newspapers and magazines.  Detective Robert James is obsessed with finding out who Batman really is.

Wayne Williams had recently saved the warden's life.  Seeing this story, detective Robert James goes to Wayne's door and questions him.  Wayne denies having any connection to Batman.  Robert James swears that this isn't over, and he will find out what the connection is.  Wayne begins to panic.

Grant comes up with a new idea.  He creates a red phone.  This phone is almost completely unbreakable.  The pieces were all separated, dipped into liquid metal, and made to be much more durable, before being reconnected.  This red phone is wireless, has one big black button, and connects directly to a private cell phone owned by Wayne Williams.  Thus, the two can talk over the phone, and communicate.  Batman urges Robert James to stop investigating his identity.  It would put his mission in jeopardy.  In time, they become friends, even though it is against the law.

With the help of detective Robert James, Batman tracks down criminals working for Handz, and finally learns the location of the villain's enormous hideout.  Batman takes on Steamroller, Korgo, and finally, Handz himself.  Handz falls to his death off his own mansion.  Shellie, his girlfriend, is devastated without him.  So Wayne Williams offers her a new life in his mansion.

Handz is dead.  The mission is over.  But the mission to fight crime goes on.  Batman stands watch over his city, Washington, D.C.  Ready to protect.