Batman Legend: my movie scripts based on Stan Lee's Batman.
A late extra 90th birthday present to Stan Lee!

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Batman Legend: the Curse of Fear

Ever since the death of Handz Horgum, Wayne Williams has lived a life of a downward spiral.  Now isolated and alone, he lives only to dispense revenge against those who have wronged him.  Seeing his deterioration, Frederick Grant urges him to calm down, but Wayne continues to lose control when dealing with criminals.  Frederick Grant gets fed up and leaves him.  Living alone, Wayne Williams eventually quits being Batman.

Marbas stalks the streets of Washington, D.C.  Named after a demon in the Bible, Marbas dresses in all black, with a charcoal-black face and very long, curving horns on his head.  Underneath, he is a gray-haired old man.  As costumed villain Marbas, he exploits people's personal fears.

Marbas blows up a hole in the mental asylum where he had been kept.  Grant comes back to Wayne, explaining that Marbas is someone he knew years ago, and now he must be stopped.

Chinese girl Robin, expert martial artist, fights Batman, yet he senses that there is more to the girl than an enemy.  He learns that she is being manipulated, and he leads her to join his side as his helper, not his enemy.

Together, Batman and his new helper, Robin, fight Marbas and Nocteria.