Batman Legend: my movie scripts based on Stan Lee's Batman.
A late extra 90th birthday present to Stan Lee!

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Batman Legend: Call of the Bat

A man is running from the Batman.  He finds escape in a hot-air balloon, but suddenly the Batman pierces a hole in the balloon, sending it on a crash course to the ocean.  The man thrashes for survival in the ocean, only to find two giant bats flying up from under the surface of the water.  It was a nightmare.  A criminal has had a Batman nightmare again.

A former cosmetics designer has found a way to deliberately engineer poison lipstick, perfume loaded with seven times the usual level of pheromones, and hairspray loaded with a deadly paralysis agent.  Lipstick, perfume, and hairspray are the three weapons of Phera, whose kiss is that of death.

Batman and Robin fight side-by-side, but meet a man named the Black Icicle, who has come to D.C. to fight crime in a darker and more aggressive way.  Batman and Robin fight the Black Icicle, who believes himself to be on the side of right.  Batman falls off a roof after fighting the Black Icicle, hitting his bare head on a dumpster, suffering an injury, and developing amnesia.  He has lost memory of many years of his life, including his entire Batman career.

Mr. Andrew tries to manipulate Batman to attack innocents when hearing a trigger phrase.

Batman and Robin must reluctantly accept the help of the Black Icicle to deal with Phera, Mr. Andrew, and Carniv.